The Plant Science Consultants’ Association is a voluntary association of individual scientists and researchers, crop protection specialists, crop specialists and regulatory specialists who provide professional consultancy services to the crop protection industry including CropLife South Africa and its Affiliates, users of crop protection products, government agencies and the Registrar of Act36/1947.

Members are bound by a Code of Conduct and as an associated member of Croplife South Africa, PSCA members are bound by that code of conduct as well as adherence to global principles such as the International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides – FAO.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Protocol development and advisory
  • Development programme advisory and management
  • Regulatory consultancy
  • Product Development
  • Data Evaluation and preparation
  • Conducting field trials
  • Registration dossier preparation & management
  • Guideline Development
  • Claims investigation
  • Market intelligence
  • Laboratory analytical services